Agro-tech investing
We invest in agro-tech companies whose goal is to optimize the food ecosystem with intensive use of information and data-driven solutions. For this purpose, we develop digital agricultural solutions for the entire agricultural value chain, based on new technologies such as remote sensing, machine learning, Internet of Things and we establish effective distribution systems and business partnerships for the mass use of these technologies.
The development of the Weather Sensor
Together with the programmers of the agricultural sector, we develop and invest in the development of the Weather Sensor, which measures the temperature and humidity of the soil and air, atmospheric pressure and illumination in the field. When in the field, it is more accurate than weather stations located outside the field. And cheaper too. We try to find similar companies and connect the world of scientists with the world of investments.
The investing in liquid extinguishing agents
We have invested in the development of liquid extinguishing agents designed to extinguish class D2 fires (alkali metal fires: sodium, lithium, potassium); MetSafe is the world’s only fire extinguishing liquid for extinguishing burning metal. It has no analogues in the world and fully solves the problem of extinguishing burning magnesium and other alkali metals in any form (chips, powder, briquette, melt).